Electric detonators

In 2010 the product segment of detonators was added into the product portfolio of PL Elektronik GmbH. Due to the increasing restrictions in connection with the REACH regulations, the use of the traditional primary explosives like Lead Azide and Lead Styphnate becomes more and more of a problem and the demand of green primary explosives is constantly rising.
This problem was used as an opportunity to push the development and series production of lead free detonators. For this reason our production facility in Lilienthal was rebuild to enable the in-house production of green primary explosives as well as a series production and the testing of detonators. This makes it possible for us to offer our products from a single source.


Product examples

Micro detonator 1840-0 lead free

We are specialized in detonating and ignition devices with smallest dimensions. One example is the electric initiated detonator 1840-0 which can be used as an alternative for the M100 detonator.
The characteristics of this detonator are a high explosive output power, extremely short response at low energy supply, smallest dimensions and the use of green primary explosives.

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